Quality and flexibility

The core business of Varesina Stampi is summed up as follows: the study, design and creation of dies and following hot steel forging process and final high precision machining of components. Each production ac­tivity is certified, as are the raw materials, which are only sourced from approved suppliers. These raw materials are subjected to rigorous controls in our laboratories as well as our finished products.

The objective is to achieve a product of the highest quality using flexible working methods. By exposing their own demands to us, our clients have at their disposal an advanced die-production department in which to study the pro­duct and suggest possible solutions and gradually complete the design, providing input in the design of the die and thus translating special needs and requests into concrete results.

Once the most suitable method is agreed upon, the plant can start the production process. Our fully-computerised management system from order processing to product dispatch, guarantees a flexibility which allows our customers to find solutions to pro­blems, be they of a production or planning nature.

It is for this reason, that Varesi­na Stampi has a warehouse which holds a steel stock, that is never at less than 25-30% of its production capacity.